Deportment Department Fuck Your Instagram Life T shirt
Deportment Department Fuck Your Instagram Life T shirt white wornDeportment Department womens T shirt white back

Womens Instagram Life T shirt (White)


We all know that it’s more than just the filter. That Sunday morning breakfast, lit by pale sunlight, shadow cast from cup to perfectly poached eggs, captioned ‘Now that’s what I’m talking about; some mornings are just too good’. We saw you that morning, you were in a stinker of a mood and spent the entire encounter bitching about work, love and ‘useless friends’ before storming off like you had a fire to put out.


No one’s fooled by these posts and does anyone really think those ‘influencers’ are any different from the rest of us? It’s a fictional narrative edited like any other. Your actual life looks nothing like your feed and the resulting cognitive dissonance is adding to your growing deep seated feeling of inadequacy. Stop it now. For everyone’s sake; Fuck Your Instagram Life.

  • Premium slub cotton T shirt in a women specific cut.
  • Organic Cotton
  • Ethically manufactured
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It used to be spies and drug king pins that lived parallel lives. Well, them and those with a tenuous grip on reality. Now, however, it seems like most of the population is at it. All those folks you know well; you know their family, you know their houses and you know their workplace. Take a look at their Instagram feed. Recognise anything or remind you of anyone you know? That’s right, you have no idea who that person is. That’s because it’s no one’s actual life. That party you attended with their moody mates who spent the evening on their phone? Yea, that’s it there with everyone huddled together, pouting, drinks aloft with huge grins and the caption ‘Best party ever with my bezzies!!!!!!! (add random emojis)’. It. Never. Happened.


Worryingly, cognitive science suggests if we see those pics often enough they’ll replace our actual memories of the event. So we now face the possibility that most of us will become a product of a fictional history and background that never took place.


You know this though. You know your friends Instagram life is a fiction of their own making but treat them like a fragile post-op patient for whom reality may be a step too far, too quick. Well, here at Deportment Department we’re here to help you make the step, embrace the beauty in truth and pop that fictive meniscus that’s getting in the way of a real friendship. Next time make the first move, tell ’em how it is, you know, tell em ‘Fuck Your Instagram Life’.


We print these with a large screen meaning the text wraps the body. Firstly as it adds a large graphic pop but also as it creates an almost abstract pattern due to the size and shape when worn. Loud and proud.


We chose these shirts with care. We know where they were made and that they were made responsibly and ethically. We also know the cotton is certified organic. They’re screen printed in London by people paid a living wage. Fast fashion’s a horror show we don’t want to be part of – we’d advise you to do the same.

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