white fuck your high street knock-offs t shirt deportment department
fuck your high street knock offs white t shirt deportment departmentDeportment Department T shirt womens white back

Womens High Street Knock Offs T Shirt (White)



What’s creativity worth to you? Think of the little shards of joy it brings when you see something beautiful or well made. Or the satisfaction of perfectly executed graphics. How about the comfort of a perfectly written book? These things don’t just appear, they’re hard fought battles. People train for years, make a lifetime’s work of absorbing culture and the ebbs and flows of human taste. They then spend all their time creating narratives and design languages that express what they want or what they think their clients need.


Now, if you’re a fashion designer think what your creativity would be worth? All that time, effort and education brought out in what you do. Now think how the High street values that same creative nurturing and realisation. Exactly, it doesn’t give a shit. It just rips off your designs and sticks a shitty smelling ‘democratisation of fashion’ flag in it’s hollowed out corpse while reaping the profits. Try ‘democratising retail’ by shoplifting in their store next time.

If you value creativity and don’t need to be palmed of with third rate, exploitative (all the way along the chain) product then say it loud and proud; Fuck Your High Street Knock-Offs.


  • Premium slub cotton T shirt in a women specific cut.
  • Organic Cotton
  • Ethically manufactured
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We chose these shirts with care. We know where they were made and that they were made responsibly and ethically. We also know the cotton is certified organic. They’re screen printed in London by people paid a living wage. Fast fashion’s a horror show we don’t want to be part of – we’d advise you to do the same.

We print these with a large screen meaning the text wraps the body. Firstly as it adds a large graphic pop but also as it creates an almost abstract pattern due to the size and shape when worn. Loud and proud.

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Dimensions 25 x 25 x 5 cm
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