dark chocolate gift bar macrobiotic diet
Deportment Department Chocolate Gift Bar Graphicdark chocolate gift bar macrobiotic diet

Microbiotic Chocolate Bar



Is there anyone out there that isn’t claiming to be allergic to something? Or maybe just ‘sensitive’ to some ingredients. Is it self diagnosed? Thought so.

Or on some elimination routine to achieve something that would be better achieved through the addition of some full-fat effort?

With absurdist diet regimes wreaking havoc at dinner parties and restaurants across the land at the same time as the hipsterfication of any foodstuff even vaguely ‘working class’ and thus, by the magic of brand extrapolation ‘Authentic’ (been there; got the T-shirt), it’s the age of the ‘look at me’ foodie.

How about next time you need a gift for a ‘look at me’ friend you give them something a little more ‘look at this’?

They’ll probably like the contents as it’s fair trade, single origin colombian dark chocolate – oh the irony…


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Connoisseur level recipie, Deportment Department level branding.

Deportment Department chocolate bar. Hand made in the UK from 60% Colombian single origin Maconda cocoa. The contents are certified Fair Trade.

An excellent recipe, chosen to appeal to a wide range of chocolate heads.

Presented in a black dyed board box with Deportment Department branding. Bar is silver wrapped for freshness.


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Dimensions 16 x 7.6 x 1.4 cm